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  • How to install pavers. This video simplifies sand-set brick laying.

    See this link: We get many questions on the proper way to install a patio. This shows you some great pointers on how to start with a dirt base, use sand as a base and finish the project with a polymeric grout joint. Enjoy... -AZ Brick Source - Customer Service Team

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  • Old Phoenix Sand Brick now here!

    Reclaimed Sand Brick from downtown Phoenix is now available at the Arizona Brick Source yard. This oversized "sandy-textured" clay building material came from a 1920s era office in the heart of historical Phoenix. Own some of history: - Whether matching an existing structure or looking for some incredible warmth and character... Not all have a sandy finish.  Many have a smoother finish.  All are on pallets and ready to go. [caption id="attachment_1002" ...

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  • Concrete Pavers at Arizona Brick Source

    Acker Stone is a leading, local manufacturer of hardscape pavers used for driveways, walkways and more. Your local brick, stone and block supplier:  AZ Brick Source now carries them! Incredible pricing on these - starting at $1.50 per square foot. Durable, colorful and ready to install.  We also carry the sand, edging restraints and polymeric sand (to lock them down).    

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  • Old Chicago Reclaimed Brick Sold at Arizona Brick Source in Phoenix

    Used, Vintage Brick from Chicago, IL... a city known for harboring characters:  now bring some of this character home to the Valley of the Sun.  It's hard to get a better-looking paver or thin veneer.  You've gotta see these. This is the real deal.  Many have stamps in them that say "Chicago B Co." and more.  

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  • Old Chicago Reclaimed Brick – Found Here in Arizona!

    Chicago is notorious for harboring all kinds of characters.  Now bring some character of your own home with you. Arizona Brick Source is the Premier supplier of Vintage Clay Brick from Chicago in the Southwest U.S. These are available in full-solid 4 inch x 8 inch (to be used as pavers).  Many of these have stamps in the top of the brick - showcasing where they are from. Also available as:  Thinbrick (for walls and ceilings) and Thin Pavers (for interior or exterior floors instead of tile).    

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  • Thin Brick Installation guide – AZ

    Here is a nice article - put together by our friends out-of-state. This will give you a how to guide for preparing the site and installing thin veneer brick.  

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  • Old Chicago Reclaimed, Antique, Used, Solid Brick

    100 years old and still beautiful.  Old Chicago - Antique - reclaimed real clay/brick pavers brought in for your remodel or new build. We purchase historical brick buildings when they are set to be demolished - and ship them direct to metro Phoenix. These are in stock, and come in two distinct styles. Colors range from yellow to light pink / salmon and black. We can cut them to a thin size (4x8" for floors or 2x8" for walls) 602-956-5579

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  • Find Simons Brick here!

    Simons Brick - manufactured in Southern California until the mid-1930s had an incredible following in the Southwestern U.S.  Both Lowe's and Home Depot carried the re-created line of these brick.  Old clay bricks were located, had molds made of them and the same process that manufacturers use for concrete stone material was put to use.  Now a thin, concrete version of both the "Red Used" and the "Desert Sand" colors were created.  The great price point and ease of use caught the attention of the big warehouse chains.  ...

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  • Our New Professional Website

    Big Plans abound for our new, professional website.  Stay tuned for the changes and upgrades in our product offerings and range of services!

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